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Summer 2016 Sneak Peak

OK, a big change for 2016 is the location and having lots of friendly farm animals, but it’s not the only difference.

A Second Cooking Instructor and a Cob Oven. This is HUGE. To the best of our knowledge, we’re the only camp where a handful or so of kids produce nearly all the meals for the entire camp. It’s great because kids love being in the kitchen creating awesomeness, but it also means we’re on the clock to get meals prepared by a certain time. A second full-time instructor opens up way more possibilities.

Speaking of possibilities….last year, we had no oven. We are busy planning cooking adventures around the new cob oven. Think great bread, custom pizzas and roasted veggies.

A Production Veggie Farmer. Antiquity Oaks has grown vegetables and herbs for their CSA members for years, but this year operations are expanding. After working on three different farms, former intern Sarah has returned to Antiquity Oaks and is converting the two acre hay field to vegetable production. She’s growing for a Chicago Farmer’s Market, and is creating a 2,000′ Nature’s Farm Camp Garden with loads of produce for us to harvest in July & August.

Fewer Mosquitos. With the record rainfall of June, 2015, and subsequent standing water, mosquitos were especially difficult last year. Even if we get crazy rain again this summer, we’ll be in better shape, partly because the surrounding area has fewer wetlands & our nearly 80 chickens and ducks keep the mosquitos at bay.

A Real Shower. We understand that most kids are OK going five days without a shower, but, since we’ll be with far more farm animals this year, having a shower will be nice.

Next post: About hostess Deborah and why the farm animals are so people friendly.

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