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Yes, great food is a big part of camp, but the goal isn’t necessarily for kids to become just more adventuresome eaters, or even to become farmers and chefs (although that would be great). Nature’s Farm Camp is set up intentionally as an environment for kids to flourish.

Nature’s Farm Camp exists:

Because the standard American diet causes lots of damage – often, we get in the habit of consuming calories that can barely be defined as food.


We aim to develop healthy relationships with food, and support nutrient rich food from regenerative organic diverse farms. 



To offer an environment filled with great food and outdoor beauty with caring, non-judgemental adults who specialize in safety and fun.

For campers to flourish- becoming competent, confident and resilient problem solvers who learn through doing.


A brief history of the Camp

Nature’s Farm Camp grew out Elena Marre and Tim Magner’s experience working together with The Kids’ Table and Truck Farm Chicago. We realized the midwest needed a farm camp! It was, and is, about our desire to support childhood growth while immersed in awesome food. The Kids’ Table ran the cooking portion of the camp for the first two years and we will forever be thankful. 

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