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Camp Experience

Campers experience a lifestyle that is simple, rugged and exciting. Helping to run the farm, the setting offers a safe, yet challenging environment for kids to discover, grow, do and make while enjoying the great outdoors.
Our days are filled with movement and fueled by good food and great fun.

Campers take part in a wide variety of activities, e.g. build, cook, craft, and farm chores are always a part. Camp meals provide structure to the day and there's also siesta time, forest hikes, free play, games, camp fires and more. For more on what we do and why we do it, CLICK HERE.

Farm Fresh Food

Camp days are long and require loads of energy, but we think of food as far more than just calories for fuel. We take food seriously!  Food connects us and everything around us, and campers are intricately involved in the food we share.
Much of what we eat comes from on-site from the Angelic Organics certified organic farm. For more info on food, see Here.


The Lodge has a floor for girls and a floor for boys, along with two camper bathrooms and showers on each floor.  The facilities are American Camp Association approved.

We are not sleeping under the stars in our large canvas bell tents this year.  That said, despite all the creature comforts the Lodge provides (private showers!), we love that bunk rooms still provide a chance for campers to bond in a shared space.

Health & Safety

We take very seriously the responsibility which comes with being caretakers of your children. Nature’s Farm Camp fosters the safety and security of our campers with a low camper-to-staff ratio. Our community-oriented philosophy also encourages kids to look out for each other. We have first aid supplies on-site to tend to the every day mishaps of being outdoors, and the staff trained to use them. In the event of an emergency, we have procedures in place and a hospital within 10 miles.

To help keep the safety of campers in the forefront of camp operations, we use a system that provides camp health staff instant access to vital medical information and tracks allergies, medications, and illness/injury for each camper. 


Camp Location

Since 2015, Nature's Farm Camp brings it's world-class programming to the best farm sites to help develop life skills in campers.

Farmers Rising and Angelic Organics have a 200 acre campus with camp gardens, a production veggie operations, chicken, goats, along with a spring fed creek that begs for kids to cool down in and trails through woodland perfect for exploring. Plus, barns and Lodge that sleeps up to 34.


I asked William if he missed electronics while he was there and he said “no”.  I asked him if he thought he could go without electronics and he said “With all that cool stuff around, I would never need electronics again.”

“It’s November, and Annie is still talking about gathering eggs and caring for the goats.”


“I’ve noticed Robert takes more responsibility around the house, especially taking care of his younger siblings.”

“Jules loved the experience of Nature’s Farm Camp. She had the courage to attend her first sleepaway camp without any friends joining her. She enjoyed her time without any major bouts of homesickness. She came away with an enthusiasm for cooking and for sharing everything that she learned. She continued to develop her independence and confidence. She had new social experiences and developed friendships. She developed positive, trusting bonds with staff that she loved spending time with. And most importantly, she left and came home with a big smile on her face!” 

“Isabel thinks more about food and she even helped start a food drive in our community.”

“Jake has more confidence in the kitchen and takes more delight in creating meals with what’s available.”

“From what I observed during our visits, and what Neeve conveyed, it seemed incredible. On our drive back to Chicago, Neeve couldn’t stop talking about her experience– from the chores, to the games, to the interactions with her fellow campers, the staff and of course, the animals. In her mind it was perfect. When I asked if she thought something could be improved, she said “more chores”…
“Thank you again for a great week at camp!  Joseph really had a wonderful time and did such
an amazing job for his first time away from home – it was a new adventure for all of us. 
He has spoken very highly of the camp, the activities, what he did and learned..”  
“William had a great time at camp.  I was a little concerned with his first time being away but
he had absolutely no issues and only great things to say about his experience.  I was really
impressed with the variety of nature experiences he got – garden, forest, prairie, etc.  and he
loved the ability to create and explore and have freedom that our kids don’t often get in the city.”

“Thanks so much!!  I loved that after a week, when I came to pick Bella up she leisurely strolled down the long driveway in bare feet, covered in dirt with a deep sense of contentment emanating from her being.  She was passed out 15 minutes into the drive home!  Can’t wait for next year!”

“Lily loved farm camp!  I asked her what she enjoyed most, and she said she didn’t know. She enjoyed everything, but maybe the food!  The cooking or preparing??  Both! She loved sleeping out in the tent on the prairie and reading her book quietly at night.  The biggest challenge was falling asleep the first night, but after that, it was easy because she was tired out by all the day’s activities.  She wrote down every single meal, what she ate and how much she ate in her journal, and told us about all the food as we were eating dinner last night. It was a fabulous week for her, and her biggest concern is that she won’t be able to return next year because she’ll be too old.  She says, “please, please, think about having a camp for older kids.”

What Parents Have Told Us

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