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Teen Food Leadership Summits!

Do you love great food? Want to spend time with friendly goats

and discuss food security? Would you like to meet farmers and activists working on creating solutions to poverty, disease, climate change and racism? Want to explore how a diverse farm operates and gain leadership skills to bring back to your community empowered to advocate for positive change?

If Yes, then apply now for a chance to become a part of the Nature’s Farm Camp Teen Leadership Summit! Nature’s Farm Camp will choose fifteen female Teens aged 16-19 from Chicago and beyond to explore issues of food, farming and justice. We'll spend 2.5 days on a farm harvesting, cooking and caring for animals while engaging in interactive workshops on food, wellness, leadership and making a difference.


For 2024, Nature's Farm Camp is not planning on running any Teen Leadership Summits.

For past program photos check out our Instagram page.

From the Zoom Interview!

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