Summer 2016. A Review in Photos.

Who knew helping to run a working farm for a week could be so much fun 🙂

It’s not health food, it’s fantastic food that just happens to be nutrient dense food. It makes Eleanor strong.

Speaking of muscles, Jack and Owen are also in on the program.

Caring for animals is a big responsibility. Farm Chores happen twice a day.

Our theme is “Don’t take food from a stranger. Know your farmer.” It helps when you’re doing the harvest. Nearby farmers also visit us.

You make pickles.

The workshops were different each week. This one was ‘Pesto Making.’ Yes, we were also overloaded with basil.

We missed the Rio Olympics, but held our own version. We’re pretty certain Farm Camp events were a little different.

Most of the property is not actually farmed, so we explored.

At times, that left us to cross Muddy Creek in awkward places. We learned how it got it’s name.

The summer was hot and humid and that same creek cooled us down.

The Farm Camp Brew (herbal tea) also did the trick. Thank you ice 🙂

The Thursday night Talent Shows revealed hidden skills and big personalities.

All fueled by good food. Including desert.

Yes, there’s time to relax, sometimes with Arthur, the farm puppy.

A summer day on the farm is long, with lots to do, but it’s not always easy and we’re OK with that. Each day is different, with a certain amount of challenge. We believe all kids are capable of more than they know and our our aim is for campers to understand how competent they are through their experience of doing.

Kathleen says, “See you next year.” In the meantime, take care of your teeth.

Next year: More animals, more experts, more workshop and more fantastic food, We can hardly wait to welcome you.