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Preparing your Child for Camp.

Nature’s Farm Camp is fun, exciting, and a great way to develop independence in a safe environment. However, some campers can begin to miss home while at camp. This is totally normal, but can be upsetting for the camper. In this newsletter we offer some tips that you can use before camp to help make camp awesome.

Tip 1: Talk with your child about camp. Is your child super excited about camp? Great! Then, you and your child can discuss what they’re most interested in. Is your child worried about a particular part of camp? Then, this is a great time to offer assurances and discuss strategies to help them work through their concerns. As they say, knowledge is power and the more your camper knows about camp the more likely they are to feel comfortable attending.

Tip 2: Stay positive. As a family member of the camper it is natural for you know you’re going to miss then or be a little worried about how they will do (especially if this is their first sleep away camp), but it’s important to stay positive about your camper’s trip. As a parent of the camper, you are one of the most important and trusted sources of information. If you express anxiety about your camper’s trip then they are likely to begin feeling the emotion themselves. This is not to say that you can’t let your camper know that you will miss them, but that it is beneficial to keep talk about camp positive.

Tip 3: Practice. A week long sleep away can be a lot for a camper who has never slept away from home before. It can be helpful to practice spending shorter periods of time away from home first. This will be a great way for your camper to build confidence in their ability to spend some time away from home before they spend longer periods away. Interested in learning some of the strategies that the NFC counselors use to help campers who miss home? Check this out: click HERE.

And finally, prepare for all of the fun that we’re going to have during the camp

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