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Post Camp – Recipes :)

Hello Campers, Thank you for helping run the farm during your week at camp. It’s a rugged five days: being with new people, sleeping in tents, waking up early and doing CHORES! We set high expectations, gave you responsibility and you delivered.

Nature’s Farm Camp provides a fair amount of freedom, offering choices and a flexible schedule, but meals (and farm chores!) provide structure to our day. When the bell rings, y’all head toward the kitchen. Yet, meals are more than just that time we gather to consume enough calories for the next activity.

From garden harvests and chopping veggies to rolling out pizza crust, you all made the magic happen. We hope you enjoyed learning and practicing knife skills, exploring new foods, helping set the menu, and being proud to present and serve your peers. We understand that, for our individual health, and for the well-being of our communities, food makes the world go-round. We want to get to know all the fantastic flavors that are possible and we need food to keep us (all of us) strong.

The summer of 2017 we tried 90 different meals and snacks. For 2018, we’re focused on competency and we’ll have more kids in the kitchens more of the time…

Everyone’s busy, but food is worth coming together around. Choose great food, and enjoy sharing it. Click on the recipes below!

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