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Pictures from Early March

We’ve started seeds in a couple of spots, including with help from a local greenhouse.

The farm has six hens. Elena & Tim  ‘shopping’ for more (and ducks), plus getting goats & a couple of sheep and calves (from the neighbors) who come to feast on the mid-summer fresh forage at Farm Camp. See enlarged chicken ‘run’ and paddocks.

There are countless nooks & crannies to explore, plus loads of walnut & pine to use in the workshop (& in the ‘loft art center’). The bees emerged strong & ready for forage.

Wild berries along the creek’s edge, the soccer field (yes, we mow it down mid-summer), and Tim sprinting through ‘Pine Hall.’ Nance says Tim may be the fastest (part-time) farmer (over the age of 40) in all of Orangeville (population 793).

In about 120 days, kiddos start arriving….We’re repairing and expanding the fencing to grow more fruits, veggies & herbs this season to feed more hungry kiddos.

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