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Camp Packing List, v.2016

What to Bring. What not to Bring. Proper packing is important to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. Please label everything. Don’t bring anything you’re afraid to get dirty or lose!

To bring (mandatory): ___ footwear: two pairs (closed toe). no flip flops ___ water bottle ___ cap or hat ___ bedding: sleeping bag or twin sheets and pillow ___ flashlight or headlamp ___ 4 short-sleeve shirts ___ 2 long sleeve shirts (light weight) ___ 2-3 shorts ___ 1-2 long pants (light weight or blue jeans) ___ 4 underwear ___ 4 pair socks (at least 2 are long) ___ 1 sweatshirt or fleece ___ 1 rain jacket or poncho (with hood) ___ 1 bathing suit (no swimming, but we have fun with hoses/sprinkler) ___ toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, if necessary) ___ bath towel and wash cloth ___ sunscreen ___ insect repellant (no aerosol) ___ laundry bag(s) for dirty clothes

May bring (optional): rain boots journal and/or sketch pad book disposable camera

Things to leave at home (not allowed): If a camper brings any of the following items, they will be held by camp staff until camp end. *any electronic item, including cell phones *food or candy *make up or perfumed cosmetic products *fireworks, matches, candles or lighters *pocket knives

p.s. All animals found at camp stay at camp.

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