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Benefits of Chores

Deborah, Mike and Sarah, the year-round production farmers and homesteaders at Antiquity Oaks, appreciate seeing all the extra smiles around the farm in July and August. The farmers also love it because they get a partial break from the chores.


That’s right. The campers are responsible for helping to keep the operation running. Chores happen twice daily, before breakfast and before dinner. Plus, campers in the Mighty Oaks tent close the chicken coop in the east field at sunset.

The kids work together with the counselors to accomplish what needs to get done (including the meals, with campers working with the cooking instructors). Inevitably though, routine chores are never routine, e.g. the chickens dump over their water, we can’t find the horse, a goat jumps their fence. We know it’s great when campers problem solve along the way, but it wasn’t until we read this article did we fully comprehend the importance of chores.

For 2017, we’re refining and adding programs to maximize the camp experience. One things for sure: chores will continue to be valued. Yes, Nature’s Farm Camp is about fun, but it’s far more than just fun.


P.S. If you’re wondering about how this translates to your household and why giving your kids chores can be a win-win, check out this article.


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